Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Ten Reasons to Hire Professional Weed Control Service

Effective control of weed growth in north Texas is just one of the many commercial services available. While cutting a lawn does reduce the appearance of harmful weeds, it does not prevent the problem from happening again. Below are the top 10 reasons why weed control is essential for your Texas business or home.

10 Top Benefits of Commercial Weed Control Services

Some homeowners depend on products purchased at a home improvement store to prevent growth of weeds. Many are unsure of how much to use or the proper type or usage. Small business owners may not be able to use certain pesticides or herbicides due to environmental concerns. Controlling weeds at the commercial level requires commercial lawn weed control products that are approved for safety.

Soil can be quickly turned into a hotbed for pest growths, algae and insects that can quickly destroy lovely shrubs and flowers. When a standard topical herbicide is not effective, an experienced company like First Response Lawn Care will make sure that the actual problem is solved once and for all. This ensures that only the correct fertilizers and organic products are used.

The level of organic matter that is present inside of soil is what causes trees, bushes and other plant life to grow correctly. A good balance of organics can improve the quality of soil without disrupting the environment or ecological system. First response Lawn Care will be able to provide a maintenance routine to raise the organic matter levels to a higher point to stimulate growth.

In north Texas, there are several popular grass types. The list includes St. Augustine grass, Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass, and Zoysia grass. Weeds can quickly strangle and prevent these types from growing to their fullest potential. Using the right maintenance, good grass will continue to grow free from weeds and contaminants.

Because all grass is different, there are separate cutting lengths that should be used for a commercial landscape. Cutting grass at the wrong height actually can harm the growth pattern. Hiring a professional like First Response Lawn Care to get rid of weeds and who knows how to cut and prune properly, is what can make a lawn attractive.

All lawns have a certain pH level that must be maintained to rid the soil of contamination. There are some sprays that do not work well for plant life although do prevent weed growth. By using the right sprays to improve the lawn, pest control will be more effective and delicate flowers will not be harmed in the process.

There is a lot more to using a Weed Eater to make a sidewalk or walkway look great. It takes a good design to provide the best symmetry when plants are first placed into the ground. Growth of weeds can be controlled with a regular schedule of edging that is performed by First Response Lawn Care.

How are mulch beds used to control weeds? The mulch keeps the soil moist and will prevent protrusion of weeds. Treatment is still needed from time to time to stop unwanted growths from peeping through a flowerbed or shrub area. Good mulch maintenance will prevent Elephant Ear, Dogfennel, Coffeeweed, Candy Weed, Buttonbush and other damaging weeds from becoming a nuisance.

Weeds can only become a problem once they have germinated and have matured. While home and small business owners might know about post emergent weed extraction, few might be aware of a pre-emergent process. This procedure targets the soil and stops the germinating process of almost all types of unwanted growths that destroy beds of mulch and beautiful gardens.

In a recent Forbes study, it has been proven that consumers make a decision to conduct business with a company after only seven seconds. A lawn that is in OK shape but not perfect might be hurting sales. Tapping into the experience of a professional that can manage a lawn correctly will help boost consumer confidence and typically lead to more repeat sales. And for our homeowners, you want to have a beautiful lawn that accentuates your property whether it’s on the market or not.

First Response Lawn Care has transformed the lawns and exterior landscapes of homes and companies To get a free quote for a one-time or extended service package, call us today at (214) 701-7622. Get the landscape that your customers will love or your neighbors will envy by incorporating our expert assistance today.

Keep Spring Weeds in Check This Season

Keep Spring Weeds in Check This Season

If you’re eager to keep spring weeds in check this season, starting off right in the spring really can make a difference. But overzealous weed control can also take your lawn in the opposite direction and a bad start that will trouble you all season. Read on for tips to help you keep lawn weeds at bay without harming your lawn.

Consider Pre-Emergent Weed Control

Some lawn weeds can be killed even before they start growing. Pre-Emergent herbicides stop weeds from germinating in the first place. If you’ve had a problem with crabgrass in the past, treating your lawn with a crabgrass-fighting Pre-emergent herbicide two weeks before crabgrass germinates in your area is one of the best weed control tools at your disposal. A spring application can make all the difference.

Not all Lawn Weeds Are Best Killed in Spring

Broad-leaf perennials, which include common lawn weeds like dandelions, are best tackled in the fall. So even though yellow dandelions may be most unsightly during the spring, you’re better off spot treating them and bagging the dandelion heads than applying a weed killer to your entire lawn. Instead, fertilize and over-seed to thicken your lawn in the spring. You’ll be fighting weeds anyway the denser and healthier your lawn, the less likely lawn weeds are to flourish.

If You’re Planting, Make Your Weed Control All Natural

New seeds and herbicide, whether it’s pre- or post-emergent, don’t mix. So if you’re planting a lawn this spring or even just filling in a few thin patches, skip the weed killer and instead try alternate weed control methods. Soft spring soil makes hand-pulling easier.

Call us today (214) 701-7622 and ask about our landscaping services and be ready for the spring planting season.


Lawn Care 101, Spring Lawn Care

Lawn Care 101, Spring Lawn Care

Spring is here!

It’s time to wake your lawn from its winter dormancy and get a start on maintaining its health. There are several things every homeowner should do in early spring to ensure a flourishing lawn that lasts through the following fall. The following is some of the ways that First Response Lawn Care can help keep your lawn needs met.

Clean Debris and Dethatch

Rake leaves, twigs, fallen branches, and thatch to let your grass breathe and access sunlight.

Fall and Spring Clean Up


If your soil is compacted, First Response Lawn Care can aerate your soil to allow your lawn’s root system to access the sun, water, and nutrients from fertilizer.

Lawn Aeration


It depends on your fertilizing schedule and grass type, but this might be the time to apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer once your grass starts actively growing.

Apply Pre-Emergent Herbicide

Prevent weeds and crabgrass from growing in your lawn. First Response Lawn Care can treat your lawn with a preventative weed killer.


Mow Wisely

We start out mowing at a height of 3″ high in spring. Mowing low early in the spring chops off the dead tops of grass blades. We gradually raise the mower setting as the weather gets warmer.

Call First Response Lawn Care today at (214) 701-7622!

Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

4 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

4 Reasons to Hire a Lawn Care Company

There are many reasons to engage a professional full service lawn care company like First Response Lawn Care. Here are a few compelling ones-

  1. Cost of ownership:  It’s inconvenient and overly expensive for the average homeowner to purchase and maintain most of the equipment and chemicals necessary to keep up a yard in a moderate climate. In Texas, we are laden with extreme climate conditions in just one mowing season. You can trust the professionals at First Response Lawn Care to have the right equipment and material to keep your lawn green all year long.–no matter the weather.
  2. Time savings: The average do it yourself homeowner will spend 2 to 3 hours a week working in the yard on their weekends. Save your precious weekend time and let our crews do the work. Having a beautiful yard can make all the difference when balancing the responsibilities of home ownership versus weekend plans and time with friends and family.
  3. Maintenance: Upkeep can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of yard maintenance. We all want that perfect curb appeal. When things go wrong, you can depend on us to be there, and ready to fix problems as they arise. Our expertise goes far beyond mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. We can tackle brown spots, mulch replacement, lawn dehydration, cleanup and more. Call First Response Lawn Care for all your needs from ant control to irrigation installation.
  4. Hassle: Weeds and keeping them at bay can always be a chore no matter how much time you spend trying to eradicate them. Our herbicide and fertilization programs are just what you need to keep your lawn looking green and weed free all year. Call First Response Lawn Care today at (214) 701-7622 to find out how easy and affordable keeping your lawn green can be!



Professional Lawn Maintenance

Professional Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care in and of itself can be an arduous task to say the least for most people trying to maintain even a simple landscape. We are professionals at keeping your yard manicured and green throughout the year and into the future. Our crews are experienced and have all the right equipment for your needs, whatever they are.

Our Services include:

  • Landscaping and irrigation installation
  • Mowing and trimming
  • Edging and cleanup
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Lawn aeration and Ant control

Why spend hours laboring in the yard when you can be spending time with family and friends this season?

Lawn care and proper maintenance is time consuming for most homeowners. Especially for those just buying their first home and just starting out. Keeping things green and lush is a challenge for everyone. The cost of purchasing and maintaining your own equipment can be about the same as a comprehensive maintenance plan with First Response Lawn Care for the year!

Luckily we have the experience, the right tools and stock all the chemicals necessary to keep it looking its best so you don’t have to. Call us at (214) 701-7622 to talk to our friendly staff about your lawn care needs today! Or click the link below to check out our service offerings.


Now is the Time for Spring Landscape Planning

Now is the Time for Spring Landscape Planning

Spring Landscape Planning

There are a lot of landscaping and gardening procedures that you can plan for in early spring. Call First Response Lawn Care today at (214) 701-7622 to discuss your landscaping needs and ideas for this coming Spring and Summer.

Spring weeding

Begin your gardening and landscaping design now, and remember that it is never too early to weed. Weeds that have seeded in your soil are just waiting to sprout up at the first sign of Spring. Our pre-emergent services are ideal for this time of year, and getting an early start in weed control will save countless hours rectifying any unwanted growth when the sun starts shining.

Soil prep

Whether you plan on adding new shrubs, grass, or a vegetable gardens this year, we can start prepping your soil early. Soil prep will ensure young plant health. Aerating and fertilization are best stated earlier in the season as well. Breath-ability must be preserved for healthy soil.


It’s never too early (or late) to plan your irrigation. A sufficient irrigation system will make sure that your plants always have the optimal amount of water. If you already have an irrigation system set up, now is the time to check for broken sprinkler heads and leaks. Get your system up to par before the sun hits and any issues prevent your lawn from getting the hydration it needs.

Spring Cleaning

We can handle your spring cleaning chores by clearing out broken branches, leftover leaves, and all of the other winter debris and trash that has accumulated.

If you take the rights steps now, your garden or yard will be completely ready for the spring planting season.

Call us today – (214) 701-7622 and ask about our landscaping services and be ready for the spring planting season.

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Why You Should Install a Sprinkler System

Why You Should Install a Sprinkler System

Maintain a Healthy Landscape – and Water Bill

Most residential and commercial property owners use excessive amounts of water to keep their lawns and green, costing them more money than necessary.

An irrigation system will put the right amount of water, where and when it is needed.

You get the balance and consistency that hand watering can’t. Your lawn is a reflection of you, so put in a dependable watering system and let your lawn shine.

Irrigation Benefits

Installing an automatic watering system can help transform your grass into the green, beautiful, healthy lawn you want. Lawn irrigation systems are the most efficient way to ensure your yard gets the hydration it needs without over-watering.

  • Save Time: Irrigation systems work on their own, so no more wasting time manually watering.
  • Save Money: The benefits of an irrigation system outweigh the initial cost of the system, which will pay for itself sooner than you think.
  • Save Water: Installing an irrigation system can conserve water while maintaining a healthy landscape.

Recommended Watering Schedules

Established Lawns

Established lawns require less water than newly sodded or newly seeded areas. For the hotter summer months, we recommend that you water five to six times a week. Watering between 3-6AM is the ideal time to take advantage of the coolest time of the morning, but completing prior to sunrise to allow the water to infiltrate the soil as much as possible. You may need to check any water rationing or watering mandate days from your local water utility company first.


For newly installed sod, we recommend that you water at least two times each day. In the case of extreme heat, it might be necessary to add a third water cycle. Once the grow-in period of a few weeks has passed, it is recommended to reduce the watering frequency.

For twice a day watering, schedule your system for 3-6AM and 6-8PM.

 Recommended Water Duration

A lawn irrigation system from First Response Lawn Care includes the proper type of sprinkler heads needed for the area. For instance spray heads and rotor heads for distributing two different amounts of water per area.

Zones consisting of spray heads typically require about 5-10 minutes of run time per cycle .

Zones consisting of rotor heads typically require about 15-25 minutes of run time per cycle.


Signs of a Healthy Lawn:

  • Fairly even color range from green to dark-grey green
  • Grass blades bounce back almost immediately when walked on
  • Even thatch at the soil level
  • Blades will have fairly even thickness

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Spring Cleaning for Your Yard

Spring Cleaning for Your Yard

Cleaning up your property after a Texas winter is a bigger job than most areas of the nation. Our team can do it all for you. We have landscaping and lawn care programs for both residential and commercial properties. We understand that your time is valuable and limited. Let us take care of your spring cleaning and help you plan for your landscaping needs for the coming season.

What does spring cleaning involve?

Our spring clean-up service involves a variety of things such as:

  1. Clearing away leaves, branches, and clutter
  2. Hauling away and composting debris
  3. Mowing the grass
  4. Re-edging and cleaning garden and flower beds
  5. Redefining the borders of the lawn
  6. Re-seed damaged areas of the lawn
  7. Pruning
  8. Aeration

Fall and Spring Clean Up

Weeds pop up fast in lawns and gardens when the temperature starts to rise, so jump on them right away. Using a pre-emergent weed control to get rid of weeds before they’ve had time to germinate, or use a post-emergent if they’re already actively growing. Call us today – (214) 701-7622 and ask about our 7 step program to feed and control your lawn weeds.



Whatever your yard and lawn needs are, our number one goal every day is to help you. Our team of lawn care technicians and landscaping experts can take care of all your maintenance needs. Call us at (214) 701-7622 to schedule an appointment to get your property looking its seasonal best by cleaning and organizing your property after the winter months. First Response Lawn Care can revive your lawn for the Spring and Summer months.

Winning the War on Weeds

Winning the War on Weeds

Those super pesky patches of unwanted growth that mar your manicured lawn and create an endless series of headaches for you.

Weeds are not only unsighly, but they can have a devastating effect on an entire landscape if they are allowed to spread. Weeds compete with grass for sunlight, water, and essential nutrients robbing your turf. Once they overtake what was once a healthy lawn, it can quickly turn into a wasteland of troublesome weeds.

And when it comes to pre-emergent weed control, timing is everything. Pre-emergent herbicides are only effective if applied before the annual grass weeds emerge. Apply too late and the pre-emergent herbicide will be totally ineffective.

How Pre-Emergent Herbicide Works

To get a better idea of how pre-emergent works, let’s look at 3 key principles of pre-emergent weed control.

#1 Pre-emergent herbicides are designed to control germinating weed seeds.

As its name suggests, pre-emergent is targeted towards weeds that have not yet emerged from the soil. To get the best results and to avoid wasting time and labor cost down the road, the weeds shouldn’t be visible above ground at the time of application.

Important: Pre-emergent is not designed to control existing weeds or weed seeds.

The weed will only be killed when it begins to sprout from the seed and hits the herbicide barrier. It is possible for seeds to remain dormant and not be harmed by the pre-emergent herbicide application. This is why weed control is a constant process. There will always be seeds under the surface and a portion will germinate each season. Annual applications must be made to significantly reduce large infestations.

Remember, pre-emergent herbicide can affect desirable plants. That includes turf. Caution must be taken if you’re applying pre-emergent and seeding the turf in the same season. Seed first, then apply pre-emergent at least 6 weeks later to allow for lawn establishment. Or seed at least 3 months after the pre-emergent has been applied.

#2: Pre-emergent must be mixed correctly and applied evenly over the target area for best results.

Pre-emergent herbicides need to be mixed correctly for the spray solution to be at the appropriate strength. Take the time to read the manufacturer’s recommendations and don’t forget to calibrate your sprayer!

Thorough coverage is key. Think of pre-emergents like a blanket – you need to cover an entire area through which the weed seeds cannot germinate. Spot spraying achieves nothing, as there is plenty of open space for weeds to come through. Manufacturer instructions will indicate how much product to use “per 1000 square feet” or “per acre”, which determines how much herbicide to use for each gallon of water. Note that it usually takes 1 to 2 gallons of spray solution to cover 1000 square feet.

#3: Pre-emergent herbicide must be watered in.

Watering in activates the herbicide, creating a barrier just below the surface. Most products call for 0.5 inches of irrigation or rain within 21 days after application.

If you’re working with a non-irrigated area or a drip zone, apply the pre-emergent just before rain is anticipated.

Applying Pre-Emergent to Different Classifications of Weeds

To know when to apply pre-emergent herbicide, it is important to know how weeds are classified, namely by their life cycles.

Weed Classification: Summer Annuals

Most well-known example: Crabgrass (Crabgrass Germination Map below)
Other examples: Lambsquarters, Mallow, Pigweed, Spurge
Life Cycle: 1 year – Germinate in spring. They flower, produce seed, then die in fall.
Pre-emergent timing: Late winter/early spring

By eliminating the threat of a weed invasion when the weeds are still seeds, you’re literally nipping the problem in the bud. The best way to accomplish this effectively is by implementing a pre-emergent weed control program. First Response Lawn Care offers an efficient 7 step program to feed your lawn and control your weeds.

Ant Control Rockwall Texas

Ant Control Rockwall Texas

Ants are one of the most common pests in Texas. Most ant species that invade homes nest outdoors. Knowing what species of ant you are dealing with is an important first step in eliminating unwanted ants from your lawn before they can nest in your home.

Our experts can determine an appropriate treatment for whatever type of ant problems are prevalent in your yard. Identification is the first step in determining what process is necessary to eliminate these unwanted guests. If your lawn is left untreated, ants can make their way into your home and nest in your walls and foundation making it extremely difficult to find their presence.

With rainy season approaching now is the time to schedule treatment. After a rain, those mounds will start popping up in your yard. Rain will cause fire ant colonies underground to appear above the ground.

Fire ants typically work their mounds between April and July and late September through October. That’s the time when they can cause problems for anyone who comes close.

Fact: Stinging ants such as fire ants may present a medical problem to individuals who are allergic to their stings.

Our technicians are knowledgeable and competent in ant control. We can help you determine the right solution for your lawn.

Call us today – (214) 701-7622!



Ant Control