There are many reasons to engage a professional full service lawn care company like First Response Lawn Care. Here are a few compelling ones-

  1. Cost of ownership:  It’s inconvenient and overly expensive for the average homeowner to purchase and maintain most of the equipment and chemicals necessary to keep up a yard in a moderate climate. In Texas, we are laden with extreme climate conditions in just one mowing season. You can trust the professionals at First Response Lawn Care to have the right equipment and material to keep your lawn green all year long.–no matter the weather.
  2. Time savings: The average do it yourself homeowner will spend 2 to 3 hours a week working in the yard on their weekends. Save your precious weekend time and let our crews do the work. Having a beautiful yard can make all the difference when balancing the responsibilities of home ownership versus weekend plans and time with friends and family.
  3. Maintenance: Upkeep can sometimes be the most time-consuming part of yard maintenance. We all want that perfect curb appeal. When things go wrong, you can depend on us to be there, and ready to fix problems as they arise. Our expertise goes far beyond mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. We can tackle brown spots, mulch replacement, lawn dehydration, cleanup and more. Call First Response Lawn Care for all your needs from ant control to irrigation installation.
  4. Hassle: Weeds and keeping them at bay can always be a chore no matter how much time you spend trying to eradicate them. Our herbicide and fertilization programs are just what you need to keep your lawn looking green and weed free all year. Call First Response Lawn Care today at (214) 701-7622 to find out how easy and affordable keeping your lawn green can be!